Monday, December 13, 2010

Why I would never replace my $15 wedding ring for a diamond ring?

It seems like 2010 just came not too long ago and now its almost time to welcome a new year, this year has been pretty good, it got its ups and down but a lot of good things happened, Today while my husband and I are on the way to Toys r Us to find a gift for our little one I saw a jewelry magazine in the car, so I ask my husband why he have it, and he showed me this ring and it has a diamond around the whole ring it was gorgeous, he said he is getting me that for christmas so I can replace my wedding ring with a diamond one, you probably asking why would he do that? See 2 1/2 yrs ago when we got married we really have nothing at all, we could barely afford a wedding ring, in fact we suppose to get married and not even have a ring, but his grandma gave him $50 bucks, so we went to walmart and find a ring for both of us, we found this sterling silver $15 ring, we bought one for me and one for him, the extra change we use to get him a clothes, I have a job but during those times Im not making a lot of money and he just move to my town and still looking for a job, my bestfriend lend us $300 bucks so we can pay the judge to marry us, You probably thinking why get married when we cant afford it yet? its simple coz we want too and we love each other. So we had a 15 min wedding under the big tree on the city hall, we didn't had any reception coz we are both broke. But I was the happiest bride and that $15 ring that he put on my finger means more too many than any diamond I will wear, during the first yr of our marriage it wasn't very easy we didn't even have a car and we go walk and ride the bus wherever we need to, it was hot, cold and rainy but we did it together, but we took one step at a time 2009 things got a lot better, 2010 we starting to get on our feet,  I remember when we first bought our real bed he told me its a start babe we have a nice bed now, then we bought a flat screen tv he was holding my hand and said can you believe it baby we are buying our first tv isn't it beautiful, Some woman will brag about their thousand of dollar ring to the world, I am not ashame if I have a $15 ring because it means so much to me, it will always reminds me how we start and how we try to made it together. Thats why I told him he can give me the most expensive ring in the world but I will never replace this ring. He loves pizza i love rice, we fight over the dumbest thing in the world and sometimes we just want to pull each others hair for being stupid, but the best thing is we do it together :). I thank God for all the blessings that he's been giving us. 

us on 2008 before we got married
on our wedding day

Our wedding day Aug. 3, 2008
                            even though I come in the room looking like a zombie he still thinks im cute hahahahaha
He is so grossed out with my teeth, hehehe

Our first Disneyland trip together 2009

  Our Oct. 2010 Disneyland Trip

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