Friday, March 12, 2010

A very interesting day

I went for a walk today and stop by an asian store just so happen that the lady working there is Filipino just like me, I greeted and and gave her a smile I ask her for some lucky stuff she said today is the year of the tiger, I am alway curious about feng shui anyway, but I notice she was looking at me weird so I ask her if she is filipino she told me she was, and I talk to her in tagalog she still had this weird look and she ask me "what did you do to yourself?" I was like what do you mean she said why did you pierce your lips and I said whats wrong with it, she said that people with piercings are in a gang and I just laugh and said well I guess you were wrong I am not in a gang or whatsoever, I told her doesnt mean a person has lip piercing  they are bad or in a gang, she ask me where I work and what I do and I told her, I said that is one problem that some people have they discriminate others way before they get to know them, I told her my husband has a full sleeve tat on both arms and she has this shock look on her face and I told her do you know that he works at the school she said tats are sign of a gang I said no he was accepted to work at a school because he has a good background and he works with kids, she said well its not a good example for kids, I told her why not? he is good at what he does and everybody likes him and he is well respected, She said if the parents has tat or piercing it is more likely for the kid to be like them and i told her I have a daughter who is an honor student and all of her teacher said she is a good kid and they told me I did a good job, which makes me so happy and I couldnt  be any more proud, I told her that the credibility of a person to do certain things whether they are a parents or a worker doesnt base on their appearance but what they can contribute to other. I said I walk in the street and I get approach by people and tells me God loves you or any other religious quote, they talk to me like that because they think Im a devil worshiper, What they dont know is I probably know more about religion than they are I been studying religion since I was 5, I am a catholic, the difference between me and some religious people is that I respect all kind of people whether they believe in God or not, because I judge them by how they treat people not what they believe in, I have met atheist, agnostic, all types of religious people and I havent argue with anyone of them because I learn to respect them by who they are. I dont push them something they dont want to believe but instead I try to learn something from them listen to where they come from and why they think that way in exchange I get respect and they listen to what I say, theres a big difference in argument and exchanging opinions,  I learn that you cannot make another person believe in something they dont want to believe but we can be all good people, My husband is not a religious person but we respect each other we share our different beliefs by doing little good things to others, we are not perfect and looks doesnt make someone better than the other.

Honestly I wasnt upset that the lady come forward and ask me I appreciate her for being honest and telling it straight to my face that way I can share what she dont understand and maybe I can learn something from her, yeah I could have flip out and cuss at her but I didnt do it because if I did I prove to her that she is right that people with piercings or tat are bad people, beside I am not like that anyway, we had a decent conversation and I left the store happy and I hope she was able to learn something from our conversation, because I certainly learn something from her, that you shouldnt hate people that criticize you but rather take it as a challenge. I believe that all people have good in their hearts to some they just have to find it :)

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