Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth

This is probably my most favorite place in the world, The slogan says it all "The Happiest Place on Earth" up to this moment it still amazes me, just the way they built it is just magical, every single details is very eye catching. The main street is my favorite, the lights and everything about it is so unique, I can say I can go there like every single day and it would still feel like its the first time. So we stayed there for 2 days, how I wish I can stay for weeks hahaha well here is some snapshot on the first day here are some of our few pictures



As we enter Main street we saw the mad hatter and the queen of hearts chilling on the corner no one saw them but us so we run and get some pictures the mad hatter told my daughter not to follow the white rabbit hahahaha so cute 

Riding the train (New orleans train I think) So tired but so much fun 
 my daughter walking with mary poppins I don't know who's the dude 
 The fireworks is what makes this whole trip even more magical can't wait to come back again
16 hrs of walking in Disneyland and its all worth it I wouldn't mind doing it over and over again my family knows how much I love this place. It is so magical that it can turn any adult back to being a kid again. I think anyone that lives in anaheim or works at disney is so lucky. lol

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