Saturday, March 27, 2010

Makeup vs Paint brush



Makeup brushes can be a bit pricey mac brushes can range up to $40+ and if you want something cheap its impossible to get the same quality as the expensive one, yeah I went to drug stores and some of the good ones are still a little bit pricey $14 bucks specially if you are on a tight budget the cheap ones doesnt really have the greatest quality but hey thats what you get for paying cheap right? I went to Michaels Arts and craft its my ultimate favorite store, went to a paint section, I stay there for a good half hour trying to compare one from the other, Just like as you were shopping to the makeup brushes you need to find the softest one, Art brushes have also different uses but if you find the right one you can compare it to a mac brush and they are almost the same quality, some paint brushes are also made with real hair just like makeup brushes some are made from synthetic which is my favorite since they are so soft. So how can you tell which brush are good? Touching them feels totally different from actually applying it on your face but of course you don't want to apply any brushes straight to your face without cleaning it, try it on your forearm since the skin is so thin it will give a good feel of the bristles atleast thats how I do it. I found some good foundation brush from the craft store it cost only $2.99 theres also angle brush, liner brush and many more they are all $2.99each theres also real hair and synthetic , theres also some that sells for $5.99 the quality is excellent and made from real hair, If you find the right one it can save you lots of $$$, I am not saying I am against makeup brushes because I love them smashbox is actually one of my favorite but like I said if you are on a tight budget and wanted to save some cash you can go for some paint brush.

Types of Paint brushes (hairs) 
Hog bristles- the bristles are really tough since they are usually used for paints and since paints are really thick so this is a NO NO

Sable and synthetic fibers- this is great for acrylic since hairs are more flexible also great makeup brush

Water color brushes - This are the softest one synthetic fibers are really thin kind of hair and really soft 

What natural hairs are used in paint brushes?
  • Sable: (Also used in makeup brushes) The ultimate soft brush is made from the hairs on the tail of a sable marten; these taper naturally, so when they're put into a brush they form a point. Sable brushes are expensive, but are renowned for their softness, flexibility, and fine point. Kolinsky sable from Siberia has traditionally been considered the best hair for watercolor brushes.
  • Squirrel: (Also used in makeup brushes) Cheaper than sable, squirrel is a soft hair with little spring. Larger squirrel brushes work better than smaller ones because the mass of hairs together gives them support.
  • Hog/bristle: The ultimate hard brush is made from the hairs on the back of a pig (hog), which are strong yet springy. The bristles have natural split-ends, which increases the amount of paint they hold. Used for oils and acrylics.
  • Camel: Brushes labeled 'camel' hair are really made from other types of soft hair. Camel hair is unsuitable for brushes because it's too woolly.
  • Ox: Long, strong and springy hair.
  • Pony: Coarse hair that doesn't form a good point. Often used in cheaper brushes
  • Goat: Lacks spring, but forms a good point. Used in calligraphy and Chinese Brush painting.
Now that we know which hair uses to which  brush, next is whats the difference from synthetic and natural hair.

If you are vegan and cruelty free then your best choice is probably the synthetic fiber if you ask me synthetic fibers are great since the fibers are really so soft and no pointy edge feel it is also hypoallergenic

Natural Hair are also great they are a bit pricey, they come from animals, so if you are a cruelty free you probable do not want this, yes most of the time the animals are unharmed and well taken care off, but I cannot speak for everyone, its your choice.

How to tell a good brush? 
Here are the name parts of your brush 

-Make sure ferrules that are seamless, as they help prevent or minimize liquids such as water from leaking inside and damaging the tuft.
-lacquered or enameled are good since it can prevent it from deterioration

I hope this helps you on how you can choose the right brush for you :)


  1. wow a very interesting post actually i dont know about this stuff coz I am not using much of this what I only have is the revitalash mascara and a pressed powder. Just can't live without this stuff inside my bag.

  2. Well, as of the moment I have not tried these stuffs yet, What I use for now is revitalash. My eyelashes is thicker and longer than before. The product is so amazing! Try it.


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