Saturday, June 19, 2010

Asian Beauty Products

My dear cousin from LA sends me some cool stuff I was like a kid opening a present hehehehe I love beauty products, I am so interested specially the asian beauty products since thats what I first used when I was a teen but when I came to america the products I have used are not available here so I have to found something that I can use, took me sometime since there are so many good brands and its overwelming but I found one that I really love its the Estee Lauder Day wear plus and i love it.
Anyways last time I saw my cousin we talk about lots of beauty stuff and the things we love to use I told her I been wanting to try the BB cream since I heard so much about it from the other gurus. It was so nice of her to send me some I will be doing a review on the products that she sent me and will share it on youtube i'll give it a few days and see how it works. I first tried the Hanskins BB cream  at first I put way too much that it made my face look white lol but I learned that a little goes a long way and it matches my skin good, when applied at first you might think its a little heavy on the skin but wait for it to fully sink in your skin for a few minutes and it feels flawless and lightweight, I really like it, I will keep trying it this week and see if I will break out, i'm hoping I wouldn't since Im loving the product. My skin feels soft and smooth, it also evens out my skin making it look flawless, great substitute for foundation if you ask me, what I like so much about it is that it prevents you from having wrinkles and it has SPF which is a great plus. 
here is the Hanskin Premium BB cream 

She also sends me a black pearl Mask I havent tried it yet I will be doing a demo/review on the mask. Pearl mask has lots of minerals and amino acids that are very good for your skin, Im really excited to try this one here are some info of the Black pearl mask 
- Softens, whitens skin; restores skin’s resilience and radiance
- For use on normal skin, especially recommended for dull skin lacking elasticity

Main ingredients:
- Natural active ingredients of Black Pearls; Whitens and softens skin
- Pineapples, Limes, Cucumbers; Accelerates metabolism of stratum corneum; gently removes dead epidermis cells

Black Pearl Mask from My Beauty Diary

This Lipgloss from avon are amazing I wasn't a big fan of anything pink but the pink one looks so pretty when you put it on it almost looks like your natural lips but with a hint of color I've been using that one and I love it 
Here are some of the stuff she sent me 

This one is really cute its like velcro for the hair but it does make your hair stay in place no need for clip just put it on top of your hair and it will hold in place great when your applying a makeup or doing a skin care routine to keep hair away from face

If you are interested in any asian beauty products here are some of the website I found helpfull


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